online course
IT Recruiting Academy
[ enter the IT field in 3 weeks ]
online course
IT Recruiting Academy
[ enter the IT field in 3 weeks ]

Our advantages
An opportunity to study recruiting online during 3 WEEKS, combined with work or other activities
Our best graduates have the opportunity to work with us
The best correlation between price and quality on the market
[ 6000 uah ]
After completing the course our graduates receive a certificate
Our lectors have more than 7 years of practical experience
Quick feedback from mentors and their help in case of any difficulties and questions
Cases and examples from life, training on real vacancies
You will receive only useful and practical information, without unnecessary "water", which wastes your time
For whom?
Tired of routine work
Want to enter IT field
Want to have flexible schedule
Want to learn a new profession
Want to receive salary in $
Like communicating with people
Build a successful career with us!
Short statistics:
Employed students
Average salary of the graduates students
in the first year
1 topic: Who is the recruiter?
— What is recruiting?
 — What qualities should a recruiter have?
 — Recruiter’s personal brand: what is it and what matters?
 — LinkedIn profile filling
 — Writing a CV
2 topic: Recruitment lifecycle
— Get known with the vacancy
 — Develop a search strategy
 — First message and chat with the candidate
 — Getting a resume
 — Interview and Job offer
 — The candidate’s first working day and trial period
3 topic: Developer types: Software Engineers, Outsoursing vs Outstaffing vs Product
— Developer levels: Trainee, Junior, Middle and Senior
 — Top IT positions
 — What is the difference between Front-end and Back-end?
 — What is a framework?
 — Who is QA?
 — Product, outsourcing and outstaffing companies
4 topic: Vacancy description and first message
— What parts does the Job description consist of?
 — Description + analysis of technical and non-technical vacancy
 — First contact with the candidate: where to write?
 — What if the candidate did not answer?
 — First message examples for different communication channels
5 topic: Where and how to find candidates?
— What is sourcing?
 — Candidate search ways: Databases, Job Sites, Social Networks, Professional Sites, Recommendations
 — LinkedIn Search
 — Boolean Search
6 topic: Successful vacancy closing
— How to achieve our main goal — to close the vacancy
 — 13 rules of successful recruiter
 — How to reduce time for closing a vacancy?
Bonus session: Question - Answer
In this part you will be able to ask your lecturers all the questions you are interested in and get thorough comprehensive answers :)
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Who are we?
Our history began in 2015, when we opened recruiting agency Go&Do. All these years we have been successfully and effectively helping IT companies to find talents. During this time, we closed 1000+ different vacancies types from Junior to Tech Lead, gained incredible experience and developed our own style and rules.

You can get more info about us here.

However, at some point, we faced with a problem such as a lack of a good resource in the IT recruiter market. So this led us to develop our own course and share our knowledge and experience with anyone who wants to learn a new specialty — IT Recruiter. We have gathered all the necessary information that is actually useful in the work, clearly structured it and presented it in the form of interesting and comprehensible lectures.
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